Zoohi Surveillance Video System with Night Vision


Safety is our priority as we allow you to invest in one of the industry’s best forms of Zoohi surveillance systems. Known as one of the state of the art security systems, let us entice you with its advanced features that will leave you feeling satisfied after leaving your home. Be prepared to experience the waterproof feature’s full potential, which increases its durability and ability to broadcast footage.

Furthermore, you will be safe knowing that you can view the Zoohi footage on your smartphone as it gets live coverage of motion detection. You can even use the built-in mic to have a two-way conversation. This will leave you feeling safe while you are away.

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4 Cameras 8CH NVR
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Zoohi Surveillance Video System 3MP HD with Night Vision

HD Video Surveillance System with Night Vision

Choose the Right System for You

This Zoohi camera system can be customized to your choice. Choose from 4, 6 or 8 cameras. You also have an option to choose from two storage sizes: 1TB or 2TB. All camera systems have an included 8 channel NVR. This makes future upgrades possible for 4 and 6 camera systems. 

Wireless Transmission

The cameras transmit wirelessly, that means you do not have to connect and arrange wires. The only wires you have to connect are the power cables. The cameras have a good range and transmit videos without any lag and delay. 

High-Definition Sound Recording

The cameras have a mic which can be used to record sounds and save locally or on the phone via the app. This is useful for many scenarios such as recording your kid or intruders talking. 

30 Meter Night Vision

The cameras have 18 infrared lights which makes pitch dark look like day via the feed. The infrared sensor can record 30m of distance clearly without any grain or blur.

Intelligent Event Timeline

Whenever you review the timeline of the past few hours, the app intelligently highlights the parts with most activity, so you can review everything quickly. 

Zoohi Surveillance Video System plug specifcation
Zoohi Surveillance Video System features
1 megapixel versus 3 megapixel

Zoohi Surveillance Video System features wifi range

Zoohi Surveillance Video System motion detection

18 infrared lights, 30m visibility and night vision

Zoohi Surveillance Video System from your mobile phone

Zoohi Surveillance Video System hard drive specification

desktop tablet and mobile. Android iOS and PC Zoohi Surveillance Video System

Zoohi Surveillance Video System easy remote view setup

Zoohi Surveillance Video System  interface 1

IP66 waterproof, cold reisstance, sun production and dustproof Zoohi Surveillance Video Systemdouble sided tape, super adhesive, new screws needed, durable and suitableZoohi Surveillance Video System package list

5meter / 10 meter power supply DC extender

Zoohi Surveillance Video System office
  • Brand Name: Zoohi
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • PCS of Camera: 4PCS
  • PCS of Camera: 6pcs
  • PCS of Camera: 8pcs
  • Resolution: 1080P
  • Video Input: 8 Channel


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