YrHand WIFI Touch Screen Smart door lock


Yrhand ecurity is peaking as a vital necessity in the world we live in today, and we must adapt to modern changes. This is why the YrHand digital door look has come into existence, as it provides security with style. You will enjoy a waterproof facility that keeps your door pad resistant to rain or accidents, enhancing the keypad experience.

Moreover, you can even use a special fingerprint feature that can unlock your door at the touch of a finger. You can also send temporary key codes to a family that gets changed daily to increase security. If the keypad is pried open, an alarm will be sounded, and a text from Yrhand will be sent to your smartphone to alert you.

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180mm 5050
240mm 5050
3585 swing mortise
50mm latch
60 mm latch
6085 swing moritse
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YrHand WIFI Smart door lock Touch Screen Keypad Password ,fingerprint with Digital Door Lock

Biometric Digital Door Lock

Safety with Style

YrHand smart door lock is made up of an aluminium alloy, this door lock looks good on any door while adding an extra layer of protection for your home and family. It has pin unlock, fingerprint unlock, app unlock, RFID unlock, and even master key unlocks in case the batteries die.

Long Battery Life

You never have to worry about your door lock dying on you because its batteries get weak. The door lock has been designed to reduce power consumption as much as possible. So, with 4 AA cells the lock lasts from 6-12 months which is a lot more than other smart door locks on the market.

Water Resistant Design

The lock is protected with waterproof rubber which keeps the internals safe from water damage. So, the door lock is dust and water resistant which is useful for houses with rainy or windy weather conditions.

App with Detailed Information

The free app, which is available on the android and IOS app stores, is not only used to setup the door lock. It also saves logs when ever it is used alongside the method of unlocking. You can also set a temporary password for when you have guests at home.

YrHand smart door lock comparison

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  • Brand Name: YRHAND
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Handle Direction: Right Push
  • Material: aluminium alloy
  • Model Number: X5TUYA
  • Material:: Alluminum alloy
  • Color: Black Nickel/White
  • Unlock method: Fingerprint, App, code, M1 Card, key
  • Door Thickness Request: 38-50 mm,if over 55mm,please contact us
  • Working Voltage: DC6V 4 pcs 1.5V LR6 alialine batteries
  • lockKey: 2 pcs Mechanical Keys & 10 cards
  • Application:: Interior or exterior door
  • Bluetooth standard: Android 4.3/IOS.7.0 above
  • App name: Tuya Smart
  • Handle direction: Reversible
  • Mortise sizes: single latch or 5050


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