YOHEEN Wifi Electronic Smart Door Lock


Advance your security measures by investing in such a brilliant smart door lock as it is bound to leave your home and workplace ten times safer. The moment you set this Yoheen bad boy up, you are bound to fall under its protective sanctuary as it is locked under the premise of a keypad system.

However, you may also unlock your door with the fingerprint feature or the smart card feature—either way, you are protected by a C-level cylinder lock system that screams safety. The beauty of this yoheen product is that it allows app connectivity within your phone to see recorded data of entries and exits. Yoheen has also ensured that your privacy is not invaded, with no peep hole being available on your door lock. You, therefore, leave your home or workplace without any worry.

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7085 Mortise only
Black (5072)
Black 20-235(5572)
Black 22-147 (5050)
Black 22-160 (5050)
Black 22-180 (5050)
Black 22-240 (3585)
Black 22-240 (4085)
Black 22-240 (4585)
Black 22-240 (5085)
Black 22-240 (6085)
Black 22-240 (7085)
Black handle only
Black. latch 50mm
Black. latch 60-70mm
Black. latch 60mm
Black. latch 70mm
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Left Opening
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YOHEEN Wifi Electronic Smart Door Lock With Tuya App, Security Biometric Fingerprint Lock Password RFID Card

Smart Door Lock with Biometric Security

Safety and Security

This YOHEEN door lock has four modes of security. You can unlock your door via fingerprint, via the mobile app, through the touchpad, and even via an RFID tag. So, you can set any mode of security or activate them all for an extremely convenient method of unlocking your home. If, you have many people in your home, this door lock makes it easier for everyone to enter the premises in a safe and secure manner

Accurate Finger Print

The fingerprint sensor on this door lock has semiconductor recognition, which means that fake fingerprints or prosthetic ones will not be let through. The sensor itself is extremely fast in recognizing your fingerprint so you can enter you home.

Remote Unlock

There can be scenarios in which you cannot use the fingerprint on the door lock, such as you have wet or oily hands. Then you can use the app to unlock the door with the click of a button. So, this makes entry to the home easy.

Manage Everything through the App

The app is used to setup the door lock for adding or removing fingerprints of family members. The app can also be used to remotely unlock the door.

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YOHEEN door lock semiconductor fingerprint recognition and remotely unlock via wifi app

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  • Brand Name: YOHEEN
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Handle Direction: Right Push
  • Material: aluminium alloy
  • Model Number: YX1
  • Unlock method: APP, Code, RFID Card, Key and Fingerprint(optional)
  • Wifi App: Tuya
  • Fingerprint Sensor: FPC Semi-conductor
  • Rejection Rate: <0.1%
  • Application: Home, Apartment, Office
  • Suitable Door Thickness: 35-90mm
  • Power Supply: 4x AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Emergency Charging: Micro USB


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