Poer Weekly Programmable Smart thermostat


Are you looking to enhance your home into a warm and smart one then look no further as this Poer thermoregulator is perfect for you. The idea behind this product is simply to provide enough warmth to your house through underground heating as you have pipes that run across your house. 

The idea of this programmable Poer thermoregulator is to make your life easier when controlling the temperature. You end up being comfortable and regulate the economic balance as you control the timing of the various temperatures. You can easily connect your phone, which will have you controlling the temperature even when you’re away from home. 

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Poer Weekly programmable water underfloor heating Smart thermoregulator room temp controller 4 thermostats

Simple Practical Thermo Regulator

Sharp LCD Display

The LCD of the Poer thermostat shows all important information in a simple and understandable way. The LCD is sharp and displays crisp content which is easily readable and understandable.

Full Week Programming

Unlike other thermostats which have small schedules that can be set, this Poer thermostat can be set and scheduled for a whole week, which makes its use very easy and comfortable.

Efficient Energy Saving

The Poer thermostat consumes energy intelligently and avoids unnecessary consumption by turning itself on only when needed. It turns off all appliances when the set temperature is reached and turns itself on only when the set temperature does not match with the temperature of the room.

Smart WIFI Control

The thermostat can be controlled with its companion app. You can turn it on before reaching home to set the temperature of the house to a comfortable level.

Slim and Stylish

The design of the thermostat is simple and elegant and has a large screen with buttons below it that provide simple controls.

Poer create your new comfrtable and warm life

Poer comfrtable and efficient home

Poer diagram of home installation

Poer power to control your heating anywhere anytime

daily life with Poer smart

Poer four thermostats models

poer excellent packing

Poer installation diagram

thermostat dimension guide 1

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Power accurately control the tempterature of different rooms

  • Brand Name: POER
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Model Number: 2*(2*PTC10/PTR10)/PTG10


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