Pimax 5K Plus Virtual Reality Headset Glasses


If you’re willing to experience something incredible like Pimax VR, then you will want to have an experience that is comfortable, fully immersive and worth its price. That is where the pimax 5k comes in as it will lead you down an Ergonomic path that will also be lightweight as it has solely been created for comfort and relaxation. 

It works amazingly with many of the popular games, and it will have you viewing graphics that are worth its price. Unanimously you will end up in an unprecedented virtual reality world that will have you wanting more. 

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PImax 5K Plus
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Pimax 5K Plus 120Hz Refresh Rate Virtual Reality Headset Glasses 200°FOV

Pimax Extreme Virtual Reality Headset

120 Hz Screen

This Pimax VR headset features a display with 120 Hz screen. This makes every compatible game and video buttery smooth and provides an unbeatable advantage in multiplayer shooting games.

5K Pimax Resolution Display

This VR headset makes your games and videos come to life with a colour accurate 5K display which is double that of an Oculus VR headset. This makes any content you view look stunning and magnificent. 

Huge 200° Field of View

In competitive games the FOV of a display is a major factor in winning games. The massive 200° FOV on this display makes it easy for you to spot enemies in shooter games and turns in racing games before they do. 

Minimal Compatibility Requirements

The Pimax headset requires very basic system requirements for functioning. At least Windows 8.1 is required on the software side. On the hardware side, an Intel i5 4th Gen CPU and a GTX 1070 GPU or their equivalents on the AMD side are required for smooth functioning of the headset

Steam VR Compatibility

The Pimax headset is compatible with most VR platforms including Steam VR. Steam VR is the biggest and ever-growing collection of the best VR games on the market, ranging from simulations to competitive games.

Pimax 5k Plus specifications comparison tablePimax 5k Plus strong compatiblility Pimax 5k Plus balance with every aspectPimax 5k Plus 200 degrees field of viewPimax 5k Plus ergonomic design, enhanced resolution, lightweight and deeply immersivePimax 5k Plus product specification

  • Brand Name: Bymo
  • Sensor Type: Glasses Only
  • Display Number: Dual
  • Compatible Device: Desktop/Laptop Computers
  • All-in-one Virtual Reality Glasses: No
  • Type: Binocular
  • Viewing Experience: Immersive
  • Controllers: No
  • 3D Glasses Type: Virtual Reality
  • Package: Yes
  • Base Stations: No
  • Model Number: PImax Vision 5K Plus


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