NiWoolf Home Alarm System


When you look for an alarm system, always try to find a system like Niwoolf Home Alarm system as it’s an all in one system. It comprises of a remote intercom system and an alarm system that work hand in hand in securing your house and making your life somewhat easier. 

It’s an initiative that will help keep an eye on your home and efficiently lock and unlock your entrance. The ideal configuration of this whole system is that it can contact you when an alert has been made, and you can use RFID cards to lock and unlock your house, which stops the use of keys. Moreover, the NiWoolf alarm system is a setup of sensors and a waterproof keypad that are impeccable with the essence of durability.

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NiWoolf Home Alarm System Wifi GSM Intercom Remote Control Autodial APP Control Touch Keyboard

Home Alarm System Monitor with GSM Support

Glass Touch Screen

The NiWoolf monitor has a glass touch screen which makes it very durable and stylish. The system is also waterproof in case of any accidental spills. 

Support for Smart Doorbells and Other Appliances

This monitor can be connected with smart sirens, doorbells and door locks for the complete home protection. It must be noted that not all appliances support this monitor, so they should be checked and then bought. 

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa Integration

This system can be integrated with the most famous assistants in the world, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This means you can control most functions with your voice, such as arm or disarm system and opening the door lock.

Instant SMS System

The monitor can have a SIM card installed in it for alerts via SMS, or through the free android and IOS app, which can be downloaded from their respected app stores. It alerts in case of an SOS alarm, AC power failure, or low battery. This is useful because the user knows what is wrong with the system and can do whatever is necessary for the system to continue working.

NiWoolf alarm system rfid card and app wifi gsm alarm

NiWoolf alarm system diagram

NiWoolf alarm system control using smartphone tuya, google home and amazon alexa

NiWoolf alarm system tuya snart app, smart life app and amazon alexa

NiWoolf alarm system touch keyboard

NiWoolf alarm system wireless sirenNiWoolf alarm system indoor wireless siren

NiWoolf alarm system doorbell button

NiWoolf alarm system sms alerts

when door opens the detctor will trigger system alarm - real time alarm

NiWoolf alarm system app remotely controlled

NiWoolf alarm system water leakage detector

NiWoolf alarm system 1 battery works for 10 days
NiWoolf alarm system signal model 1 NiWoolf alarm system signal model 2

NiWoolf alarm system wifi camera diagramNiWoolf alarm system  Camera features and specificationsNiWoolf alarm system  realtime intercom and motion detection alarm

Add more wireless detectors will makes your system more powerful, and your home will be more security.

NiWoolf alarm system  Isometric 3D model of home

You can set 5 set alarm phone numbers.

support 5 set of alarm phone numbers

NiWoolf alarm system products included

  • Brand Name: NiWoolf
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Kit Configuration: Door/Window Sensor
  • Power: USB DC 5V
  • Output Number: 5 phone number alarm
  • Video Interface: Yes
  • Display: Yes
  • Alarm Type: SMS
  • Alarm Type: Apps Control
  • Alarm Type: The Alarm
  • Size: 14x14x2.1cm
  • Model Number: TG-103
  • Password Keyboard: Yes
  • Arming Type: RFID Card
  • Connection Type: Wireless
  • Zone Number: 100 wireless zone
  • Color: White
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Wireless Frequency: 433MHz
  • Function 1: Support low battery remind
  • Function 2: Support RFID Card
  • Function 3: 2 way detection door open / closed
  • function 4: support Custom zone name
  • function 5: Support wireless siren and inside siren
  • RFID card: support 10 pcs at most.
  • Remote controller: support 10 pcs at most.
  • Wireless detectors: support 100 pcs at most.


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