Moes House WiFi Slim Thermostat


Moes House is one of the most modern and slick looking thermostats, this is a product launch and aims all its quality and commitment towards the customers. It gives off a wonderful silver that simply spells out modern and sexy and has the readings all over it. 

The amazing build-up leads up to the usage of smartphones, voice activation and automation of the system. This eventually makes life easier for you as you can switch the Moes House thermostat when your hands are full, you can change your temperature while you’re away from home and you can set your thermostat to become more economical. Last but not least, it is effective when used with a floor heating system.

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Moes House WiFi Slim Thermostat Electric Fluid Heating APP Distance Control Works with Alexa Google Home

Slim and Smart Thermostat with Voice Control

Strong and Sturdy Construction

The Moes House thermostat has a beautiful and elegant brushed metal front which provides a strong and stylish look. The metal also displays important data via the LEDs beneath it.

Hands Free Control

The Moes House thermostat has integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant which means you do not need your phone or do not need to walk up to the thermostat to adjust the temperature or turn on the appliances. You just have to speak to the voice assistant and say the command which will be accepted by the thermostat.

Schedule Time Slots

The main advantage of this Moes House thermostat is that you can set six times and schedules when the temperature should be lowered or raised. This is easy to set using the free app that can be installed on all smartphones.

Moes House metal brush panel visual enjoyment with colour digital

Moes House voice controlled thermostat

Moes House remote control

six programmable periods for maximum comfort and economy

Functional application

Moes House specification


  • Brand Name: tarautom
  • Wattage: 5 -35’C
  • Model Number: BHT -6000 -GBLWG
  • Power Supply: 95 -240VAC, 50 ~60HZ
  • sensor: NTC 3950, 10K
  • Accuracy:  -0.5’C.
  • Dispaly Temp. Range: 5 ~99’C
  • Ambient Temp.: 045’C
  • Ambient humidity: 5 ~ 95 % RH (Non Condensing)
  • Model: BHT -6000 -GBLW
  • app: smart life /Tuya
  • Voice control: Alexa /Google Home


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