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If there’s one thing that you should never compromise, it’s the safety of your home. People often forget how weird the world can be and the way that criminals have advanced, it would be wise to update your security system. 

What could be better than a JoinLGO home security system that monitors your entrance and allows you to unlock your door for your guests in a matter of seconds. It also allows you to monitor who exactly is at your doorstep, whether it be day or night as it has a night vision mode. Moreover, you finally feel safer and securer than you used to feel.

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JoinLGO 9″ Color Screen Video Door Phone Home Security System RFID Access Electric lock

RFID Access Door Phone Home Security System

Easy to Use JoinLGO Screen

The JoinLGO screen has a simple interface with only 8 control buttons such as the brightness, time adjustment, settings and calendar. This makes it easy to use for kids to elderly people.

Multi Monitor Connectivity

Different monitors can be connected with each other for a large household so there can be easy communication with each other. Each monitor can connect with 2 doorbells. All monitors can display the video feed of one camera.

Two-Way Clear JoinLGO Audio Communication

The JoinLGO monitor and the doorbell have high quality microphone and speakers for conversation with people on your doorstep. The two-way communication can also work between two monitors, making it easy to get work done quickly.

Smart RFID Access

The doorbell also has RFID key fob support for use by family members. The fobs have to be held in front of the doorbell for 1 second to unlock the door, given that you have connected your system with a door lock. There are two separate fobs for registering the given key fobs with the system. The process is simple. Place the green fob near the bell until you hear a beep. Then take a blue fob and place it in front of the door bell until you hear a beep. This registers the key fob with your system.

JoinLGO 4 wire 9 inch video intercom with metal doorbell

JoinLGO installation diagram

JoinLGO more convenient ro communicate between monitors (up to 6 pieces)

JoinLGO IP65 rain cover

JoinLGO day and night vision

JoinLGO keyfobs

JoinLGO installation diagram 2


    JoinLGO size guide diagram JoinLGO back model
JoinLGO size guide isometric JoinLGO model 2 JoinLGO model 3

JoinLGO features guide

JoinLGO wiring details


Outdoor Camera
Camera Resolution
Night Vision Distance More than 2 meters
Working Temperature -35 degrees ~ +55 degrees
Intensity of Illumination 0.01 lux
Lens 2.3mm
Dimension 174mm(L) x 96mm(W) x 36mm(H)
Installation Surface mounted / Buried wall mounted
Material Metal case
Net Weight 650g
Model ID
Indoor Monitor
Screen 9″ LCD Digital 16:9 Display
Effective Pixels 800 x 480
Delay Calling Time 120s ± 10%
Delay monitoring time 40s ± 10%
Adapter Input AC100 – 240V 50-60HZ
Adapter Output DC15V
Unit Consumption Less than 6W, standby less than 0.5W
Working Temperature -35 degrees ~ 55degrees
Installation Wall mounted
Dimension 230mm(L) x 165mm(W) x 20mm(H)
Weight 800g
Model V90RM

JoinLGO plug adaptor sent according to your address

JoinLGO what is included in the box

  • Brand Name: MILEVIEW
  • Connection Method: Wired
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Answering Mode: Hands-free
  • Camera Sensor type: CMOS
  • Display Size: 9
  • Display Screen Type: Color
  • Material: Metal ABS
  • Viewing Angle (°): 90
  • Power: 15V DC
  • Model Number: XSL-V90S-ID POWER 1V1
  • IP Camera Interface: No
  • Zone Input: None
  • Samrt Home Interface: No
  • Kit Configuration: One to One video doorphone
  • Installation: Wall Mounting
  • Resolution: Other
  • Doorbell: Yes
  • Access Control: Inductive Card
  • Sensor Size(Inch): 1/3
  • Technology: Digital
  • Camera: Other
  • Type: Intercom System
  • Power: Other
  • Connection Type: Wired
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • rfid access: support
  • type: video intercom / doorphone / doorbell
  • function: intercom / unlock / monitor
  • monitor: 9″ color screen
  • waterproof: support
  • unlock: rfid access / remote control
  • night vision: support


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