JEATone Home Silver Intercom Video System


This is a JEATone system that is composed of cameras, a doorbell, an audio link and a monitor. It’s the perfect system for anyone who feels like they need to be more secure when it comes to answering the door. The world is highly dangerous, and there’s no telling what it has in store for us.

Therefore, we need to stay as secure as possible, and this JEATone product can help you do just that. It allows you to kick back and identify visitors without you having to go all the way to your entrance. You are further provided with the ability to have 2-way communication with the people who are at your doorstep, which gives you time to judge who you are letting into your house. 

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JEATone Home Intercom Video Door Phone System Silver Doorbell Camera Door Release Night Vision

JEATone Home Intercom with Night Vision

Sharp and Clear JEATone Camera

The JEATone doorbell comes with an incredibly sharp camera with a viewing angle of 65°. This makes it easier for the user to view everything happening outside his/her home. 

Electronic Lock Support

The JEATone system has universal support for electronic locks. This means you can not only check who is at your door, but you can open the door with the touch of a button, without having to manually do it. 

Clear Mic and Speaker System

The hub and the doorbell, both have a loud and clear speaker and mic system. This makes it possible for the user to converse with the person on the outside. This feature is beneficial at night times when it is not safe to leave your premises.

Expandability Option

Although the built-in storage is more than enough for daily usage, in case the storage runs out an external SD card can be used. Inserting SD card also enables the video mode which can record videos so they can be watched later.

Standby Mode

The display also has a pre-activated standby mode which turns on when the screen is not interacted with for a minute. The mode simply shows the date and time on a grey background. This extends the battery life of the screen.

JEATone model 1

JEATone model 2
JEATone model 3

JEATone model features

JEATone model 4

JEATone model 5

JEATone model 6

JEATone model white

JEATone model white 2JEATone camera and inrared sensor

JEATone what is included in the package

JEATone  in house example

JEATone in house example 2

JEATone white 32BG memory card slot

JEATone water proof, severe cold, lightning protection and high temperature

JEATone night and day vision

Fashionable Appearance

♦1200TVL Camera

♦3pcs 940 Nanometer IR LEDs For Night Vision

♦Adjustable Intercom Volume

♦Dual-way Intercom

♦IR Sensor, Turn On/off IR LEDs Automatically

♦Easy To Install And DIY Installation

♦Rust-proof Aluminium Alloy Anti Vandal Panel

♦IP65 Weatherproof

JEATone size guide

Product Specs-Outdoor

Camera Sensor

1/3″ CMOS, 1200TVL-Line High Resolution


3.7MM HD Pinhole Lens

Night Vision

IR Light, 3pcs IR LEDs

Electronic Lock


Power Consumption

200mA Max.

Power Supply

Supplied From Indoor Monitor


Aluminum Alloy panel



Operation Temp

-40°C +50°C


Surface Mounted

JEATone white size guide

Excellent Performance

7″TFT Display, Acrylic Wire Drawing Panel

♦Touch Button,With Storage

♦Room to Room Intercom

♦Door Answering, Monitoring And Unlocking

♦Adjustable Color, Brightness and volume

♦Built-in Memory Can Save 86 Pictures, Support External Max.32GB SD Card

♦12 Ringtone For Choice (new firmware with motion detection, but with 6 rongtone)

Product Specs-Monitor

Monitor & Resolution

7″ TFT LCD, 800*480


Built-in Memory Can Save 86 Pictures, Support External Max.32GB SD Card

Intercom Code

Hands-free Dual-way Communication

Delay Calling Time



Touch  Button

Power Input & Consumption

External Power DC 12V; Standby:3W; Working:5W


Acrylic Wire Drawing Panel


Picture: Jpeg Format; Vide: Avi Format


2 Call Panel +4 Indoor Monitor + 2 Analog Camera & 2 PIR

Operation Temp

-10°C +60°C


Surface Mounted

JEATone  what is included in the package

1x Indoor Monitor

1x Monitor Mounting Plate

1x Power Adapter

5x 200mm 4 Pin Connerctor

2x Gurantee Card

2x English User Manual

1x Outdoor Call Panel

1x Call Panel Mounting Plate

1x 200mm 2 Pin Connector

2x Screw Bag

2x Qualified Certificate

1x Rain Cover

JEATone power adaptor according to your country

JEATone power adaptor connected to indoor monitor and outdoor camera

JEATone indoor monitor and out door camera

JEATone installation diagram

JEATone installation diagram 2

JEATone installation diagram 3

  • Brand Name: JEATONE
  • Connection Method: Wired
  • Answering Mode: Hands-free
  • Camera Sensor type: CMOS
  • Display Size: 7
  • Display Screen Type: Color
  • Material: Acrylic Wire Drawing Panel
  • Viewing Angle (°): 65
  • Size: 7 Inch Video Intercom System
  • Plug Type: AU Plug
  • Plug Type: EU Plug
  • Plug Type: US Plug
  • Plug Type: UK Plug
  • Power: External power DC12V
  • Model Number: P201S1M706S1
  • IP Camera Interface: No
  • Zone Input: 4
  • Samrt Home Interface: No
  • Kit Configuration: One to One video doorphone
  • Installation: Wall Mounting
  • Resolution: > 420 TV Line
  • Doorbell: Yes
  • Access Control: None
  • Sensor Size(Inch): 1/3
  • Technology: ANALOG
  • Camera: Color
  • Type: Intercom System
  • Power: 220v
  • Connection Type: Wired
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Video Languages: English, Russian, French, Arabic, Spanish,Japanese
  • Intercom Mode: Hands-free Dual communication
  • Memory: 86 Pictures, Support Max.32G SD Card
  • Conversation Duration: 120s
  • Resolution: 800(H)*3(RGB)*480(V), 3.7MM HD Pinhole Lens
  • Volume: Adjustable Day/Night
  • Support: 2 call panel 4 indoor monitor 2 Analog camera & 2 PIR
  • Power Source: Outdoor Doorbell Powered By Indoor Monitor
  • Waterproof: IP65 Aluminum Panel
  • Camera Sensor: 1/3″CMOS, 1200TVL


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