HRBox Smart AR Glasses AR VR Headset


Experience a whole new evolution of playing video games or simply watching movies, as the HRbox VR headset will have you feeling like you’re in a cinema. It has been designed for the proven experience of additional comfort as it was constructed according to the 3 points leveraged design that enhances the comfort of using your VR headset.

HRBox keeps your head positioned in a good way. Furthermore, you combine the experience of reality and the virtual aspect with a large field of view. Moreover, the optical lenses provided have made sure that you have pure, clear imaging that will leave you in awe of the device’s intensity.

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HRBox AR Headset Smart AR Glasses AR VR Headset Glasses for iPhone & Android

Smart AR Glasses 

Extremely Light Weight

These HRBox AR glasses are extremely light weight, only 160 grams. They are so light that after using for a few minutes it can’t even be felt on the head. The light weight makes them usable for as long as you like without any discomfort or strain.

Limitless HRBox Applications

VR and AR are not for fun and games only. They have an industrial wide use in medical and engineering. This headset brings all of that functionality to your home. Use HRBox to explore the anatomy of a human body or navigate on the roads with perfectly placed lines and paths for reaching your destination with ease.

HRBox  has Large Field of View

The glasses have a 90° field of view, so you can watch your content by utilizing maximum screen space and watch your content just like you see from the human eye.

Distortion Free View

The lenses on this headset are specially designed to reduce distortion and artifacts which plague traditional VR headsets. The lenses provide a crystal-clear result just like the display of your phone, without any major impact on quality.

HRBox model of Virtual reality headset 1

ARBox model of Virtual reality headset by light field for vision

HRBox 2 AR headset model 1

HRBox 2 AR three point leveraged design solid comfortable wearing

HRBox 2 AR shock experience of virtual reality. Break the shackles to experience true VR

HRBox 2 AR entertainment, education, medical, navigation and tourism

HRBox 2 AR headset model 2 - light weight optical lenses with clear imaging

HRBox 2 AR headset model 4


  • Brand Name: FGHGF
  • Sensor Type: 
  • Display Number: Single
  • Compatible Device: No
  • All-in-one Virtual Reality Glasses: No
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Type: Binocular
  • Viewing Experience: Non-Immersive
  • Controllers: Yes
  • 3D Glasses Type: Red&Blue
  • Model Number: ar headset glasses
  • Feature1: ar headset glasses
  • Feature2: ar glasses
  • Feature3: ar
  • Feature4: smart glasses android
  • Feature5: smart glasses
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  • Feature7: augmented reality glasses
  • Feature8: augmented reality
  • Feature9: Vr headset


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