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This is a eTinger product that has a Smart Security System written all over it, and honestly, it is worth the buy. People who have blatant importance for their safety should give this burglar system a look over. It’s the ideal Smart Alarm system that has a keypad system to deactivate and activate the alarm. However, the phenomenon behind this system is that it can tell you which sensor has been triggered if triggered and it can also send you a text or email once your alarm has been triggered.

Moreover, it sends out an instant SOS message when the alarm is triggered hence proving the effectiveness of this smart security system. The security is enhanced as you can also hear what is happening in your house from the use of your smartphone; hence you can identify what is going wrong at your house. That is how effective this eTinger system would be for your home.

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eTinger signal GSM SMS Home Burglar Security Alarm System Passive infrared intrusion Detector Solar power

eTinger Solar Powered Security Alarm System

Instant etinger SMS Reports

The eTinger security system lets you know what is going around your premises 24/7 and alerts you via SMS wherever you are. So, you can leave your home with confidence that it is safe and secure.

Excellent eTinger Signal Transmission

The sensors and the main control hub have great connectivity with distance going up to 80m. This area is usually always larger than a typical household. So, install your sensors wherever you want without the tension of getting it out of range of the eTinger control hub.

Simple Protection Status

The screen on the eTinger hub is simple and precise without displaying any complicated stuff. It states “ARMED” or “DISARMED” with the current date or time. 

Automated eTinger Timer

Via the free eTinger app for this headset, you can set timers for when the system should be armed and when it should be disarmed. This makes it convenient, especially when you forget to set it yourself.

Live Monitor System

Via the eTinger app you can monitor your camera feed live with little to no latency, so you can stay updated on the fly. The output of the cameras is clear and sharp, so you can identify anyone who approaches your household.

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RFID reading disarm function, put the RFID Reading disarm tag on alarm panel or RFID keypad, disarm the system successfully



APP control


Phone call control

phone setting

SMS remote control


Wireless Accessories:

door sensor 6

door sensor 8door sensor 10

door sensor 2

Wireless PIR motion detector




PIR 13PIR 10

remote 5

remote 12remote 9

RFID disarm tag, put in on the alarm panel or keypad, it will disarm the system easily


tag 1

keypad &RFID

Wireless indoor strobe siren, 95db, drive away theft

ES-S6AS6 3S6A 1S6A 2

Wireless solar-power outdoor strobe siren, 110db, drive away the theft, with back-up rechargeable battery




S4 back






  • Zone Number: 30 remote controls 50 wireless accessories 50 RFID tags
  • Size: 191 x 132 x 28 mm
  • Brand Name: ETIGER
  • Kit Configuration: Door/Window Sensor
  • Alarm Type: SMS
  • Alarm Type: The Alarm
  • Model Number: S4
  • Connection Type: Wireless
  • Video Interface: No
  • Power: Input: AC 110-240V / 50-60Hz Output: DC 12V / 500mA
  • Arming Type: Password Keyboard
  • Display: Yes
  • Password Keyboard: Yes
  • Output Number: 5 numbers for phone call alerts 5 numbers for SMS notifications (incl
  • Color: White
  • APP : iphone &Android:etiger S4
  • gsm band : 850/900/1800/1900mhz
  • Radio Frequency : 433mhz
  • Internal battery backup: 2pcs 3.7V 800mAh lithium battery(BL-5B)
  • Internal siren volume: 95dB
  • Supported Wireless Accessories: up to 30 remote controls, 50 wireless accessories and 50 RFID tags
  • Supported Phone Number : 5 Phone Number 5 SMS Number
  • Languages: English/French/German/Spanish/Italian/Dutch
  • Input:  AC 110-240V / 50-60Hz


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