eMastiff Independent Home Security System


If your basic need is to get a normal smoke detector home security system, then this eMastiff product is the best one for you. It has the basic requirements of a smoke detector device, and it uses its sensor to detect any motion of smoke of which an alarm is further triggered with LED lights flashing.

eMastiff also has a smart facility of sending a text once smoke is detected to alert you. If the safety of your home is a priority, then you should invest in this much-needed piece of a security system. It will be a wonderful addition to your home as it keeps you alert at all times.

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eMastiff Independent Smoke Detector Home Security System Firefighters Fire Protection

Fire Protection Home Security System

Simple and Effective

This eMastiff smoke alarm is simple, with no smart features but is extremely effective in detecting smoke and alerting the people nearby. The only thing it needs is a standard 9V battery which keeps it charged for months. 

Solid ABS Construction

The eMastiff fire alarm is made up of high-quality ABS plastic which means it is durable and has an extremely high melting point. So, you don’t have to worry about it melting in case there is a fire. 

75dB Loud Sound

Never compromise on your and your family’s safety and security. Most alarms fail to alert people on time which leads to unfortunate incidents. This eMastiff alarm has a high sensitivity sensor which is directly linked to the 75dB alarm that goes off instantly and alerts everyone in the vicinity of a potential fire hazard. The sound is loud enough to be heard over 100 meters. 

Simple Setup

The alarm needs a 9V battery which has to be bought separately and two screws which are present in the box. Just place the screws in the wall and lock the sensor firmly and you are good to go.

eMastiff wireless smoke sensor

eMastiff model 1

eMastiff model 2

eMastiff model 3

eMastiff model 4

eMastiff model 5

eMastiff model 6


  • Brand Name: eMastiff
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Model Number: YG2/TYYG2
  • Type: Smoke Detector
  • YG02 Power supply: DC9V alkaline battery (no include)
  • TYYG2 Power supply: DC9V alkaline battery (no include)
  • Usage: Office/Home Smoke Alarm System
  • Working temperature: 0℃ ~ 50℃
  • TYYG2 Android IOS App: TUYA /Smart Life
  • YG02 Feature-1: 433mhz(NO WIFI Function)
  • YG02 Feature-2: can be used independently
  • TYYG2 Feature-1: Support WIFI APP Control
  • TYYG2 Feature-2: can be used independently
  • TYYG2 Feature-3: WIFI Smoke detector Sensor
  • TYYG2 Remote Alarm: Push notification to smartphone
  • Application: Detect smoke of fire
  • Local Alarm: sound and led flash


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