Ear Kong Tuya WiFi Smoke Detector


Life is unpredictable; however, that does not give Ear Kong an excuse to back down; similarly, if you fear for the safety of your house, you can always fight it back with this product. This smoke detector is the perfect smart alarm that can notify you through text or email. The best part of this product is that it further allows you to keep a check on your house as it lets you download a free app on your phone that will let you access your smoke detector devices.

Once accessed, you can test each detector for a smoke. Moreover, this Ear Kong smoke detector has a loud alarm and does not use up a lot of power hence being a perfect smoke detector for your house as it is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones.

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Ear Kong Tuya WiFi Smoke Alarm Fire Protection Smoke Detector Security System for Firefighters

Smart WIFI Fire Detection Alarm

Sensitive Smoke and Fire Detection

The Ear Kong alarm has a very sensitive sensor which can differentiate between normal cigarette smoke and real fire smoke. Smoke alarms are known to save the lives of many people every year, so it is mandatory for you to get the best one. The smoke detection alerts you before it is too late.

Instant Smoke Detection Alerts

The Ear Kong alarm not only sends you an in-app notification, it also alerts you via SMS in case you are offline. There is no delay in the sending of the message when smoke is detected. The alarm also goes off to alert everybody nearby of an imminent fire.

Extremely Loud Alarm

The Ear Kong alarm speaker system is so loud that its measured volume reaches 80dB. That means that whenever there is a fire, the alarm sound alerts everybody nearby of fire danger so they can take appropriate actions and call the fire department before it gets out of control.

Easy Setup Process

There are only four steps to pair this sensor with your phone. Open the app. Choose the sensor and click on alarm. Choose from the list the sensor that you have. Power on the sensor and wait till it is detected by the phone. Finally enter your WIFI password to connect the sensor to the WIFI.

Ear Kong wifi smoke detector

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Ear Kong specifications
Ear Kong 80 decibels
Ear Kong models
family, warehouse, office, the mall, factory, resturant
  • Brand Name: Earykong
  • Model Number: TYSM_01
  • Type: Smoke Detector
  • Frequency: 2.4G Wifi
  • Color: White
  • Battery: 1.5V AAA battery (2 pieces) not include
  • APP: IOS / Android
  • Download APP: Tuyasmart / Smart life
  • Usage 1: fire smoke detector
  • Usage 2: compatible with tuya smart device


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