AR-X Glassec VR Lens Headphones Headset


This beautiful piece of Glassec technology is not just a video viewer, but it is entirely a different experience for a user. It will take you onto a journey, unlike any other as it provides you with an artificial sight with the way you view the world.

The beauty is enhanced with the fact that it is compatible with most smartphones, and it allows you to step into the 3D world through video games and movies. It’s a comfortable piece, and it provides an enticing experience as you enjoy both virtual and reality hand in hand. To call it a video viewer is a complete understatement.

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AR-X Glassec VR Lens Headphones Headset VR Portable Foldable Helmet For Phone

VR Lens Headphone Headset

Comfortable Glassec to Wear

This Glassec VR headset, unlike other headsets, is extremely light on the head. The adjustable straps alongside the comfortable head band help in making this headset usable for hours on end. The head band also has foam padding installed on the back, making it easy and comfortable to hold.

Universal Phone Holder

Traditional VR headsets have the problem of only supporting very specific sizes of mobile phones, which makes it a challenge to find the right one for your use. This Glassec headset supports most phones, as the holder is large enough to hold big phones.

Crystal Clear Glassec Quality

This Glassec VR headset has a high-quality glass which makes the view of anything super clear. There is no blurriness or fogginess, unlike cheap glass VR headsets.

Adjustable Focal Lenses

Now you never have to worry about having blurry image quality. The distance of the lenses can be adjusted to your need for perfect quality. The focal distance can be changed from the sliders on both sides of the headset.

Easy to Use Glassec

This VR headset has an easy setup. First remove the cover plate, then put in your phone, making sure to put it in the middle. Then put the backplate back on. This protects the phone from falling or sliding off.

Glassec variable usage scenarios - outdoor, indoor, incare and leisure

  • Brand Name: WRSUNEN
  • Sensor Type: Smartphone
  • Display Number: None
  • Compatible Device: SMARTPHONES
  • All-in-one Virtual Reality Glasses: Yes
  • Type: Binocular
  • Viewing Experience: Immersive
  • Controllers: No
  • 3D Glasses Type: Virtual Reality
  • Package: Yes
  • Real-time Map Construction: No
  • Base Stations: No
  • Wireless network Type: No
  • Model Number: VR-X
  • Camera: No
  • Set Type: Glasses Only
  • Bundle: Bundle 1
  • Gesture Recognition: No
  • Ports: Smartphone
  • Name: 3D VR Glasses
  • Fuction: Virtual Reality VR Lens
  • Fuction2: Portable Foldable Cardboard VR
  • Fit For: For IPhone Android Samsung


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