How to Make a Calendar App: Complete Guide

Real-time calendar sync with healthcare apps lets users make doctor’s appointments, plan when to take medicine, set a reminder for regular checkups, etc. The user can also see if event invitations have been accepted, turned down, or moved. This simple appointment booking with reminders helps healthcare professionals stop people from not showing up or canceling at the last minute. In this way, the healthcare field has used the calendar in the app. It is one of the exclusive features of calendar apps where users can use the native language to schedule events, reminders, and make changes in the calendar entries. Moreover, it also helps in saving time and eradicating text errors.

  • NotificationsNotifications are like information alerts, they inform users with the updated details like new member booking, cancellation, or any meeting.
  • Users can also set up a chat or schedule their messages at a specific time on Telegram.
  • For example, you might use Google Calendar but want to switch to your calendar app.
  • If you are now attempting to avoid it, reconsider your position.
  • For instance, your calendar can use Force Touch or 3D Touch.
  • Google aptly named Keep since it’s the perfect place to stash information and stay organized.

You almost certainly need to schedule events with other people—whether they’re for work or your personal life. The best shared calendar apps include invitations to events and even the ability to share entire calendars. That way, you can keep your schedules in sync when you need to. Also, choose the tools and technologies wisely that serve in the best way to create or integrate the calendar in any of your apps easily. Sometimes, planning an event or activity is the hardest part of scheduling it.

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The app gives you an overview of your meetings and allows you to coordinate schedules with others to determine the best time and place for people to meet. We don’t recommend Calendar’s free plan for business use because of its feature limitations. For example, you can only include five other people in your workspace. There are other limitations that a business will run into so it’s easier to set things up well from the start and get on a standard or pro plan that offers more functionality. For example, the pro plan allows you to have unlimited seats in your workspace and many other necessary features.

This way you can stay up to date on your favorite shows, sports and more automatically. Select a monthly calendar template or create your own design. Moreover, for business requirements, it should provide sync with iCloud and Google.

Can create calendars to keep track of different types of events. For example, you could create a calendar called “Soccer” that tracks upcoming practices and games. With the pro plan, you can have up to 10 connected calendars on your account. While it would be possible to create a personal Calendar account and a work Calendar account, our goal is to decrease the number of calendars you have to keep track of. Calendar has now given you the capability to schedule with team members in seconds. Enter your team members and any other Calendar users you need to meet with, see when they are busy or available, and then create your meeting based on their availability.

create a calendar app

EventKit facilitates access to calendar information for users. This facilitates the app’s event management by allowing users to quickly and easily create and modify events. Apple provides a variety of interfaces you may use to enhance your app. The integration with Google features is another plus, assuming you’re already a Google user. It’s easy to see Google Calendar in your Gmail sidebar, for example, or to invite your Google Contacts to an event.

Here, you can take advantage of the vast customization that comes with working in spreadsheets—or keep things simple. Google aptly named Keep since it’s the perfect place to stash information and stay organized. Here, you can swiftly jot down notes and create to-do lists.

There are a lot of libraries on GitHub that can be used for calendar app development. For example, Uber Freight has a lot of cool features based on the in-app calendar. Shippers and carriers can look through their past and upcoming shipments. Also, they can choose the appropriate time and date for the delivery.

Other Important Tools and Technologies to Create a Calendar App

Some smart calendar apps have features for planning events that automatically pull information from the sentences you type. This smart meeting scheduler cuts down on time it takes to plan an event and set a date and time. There are a lot of travel apps that have a calendar built right in.

create a calendar app

Calendar apps are easy to use when they require minimal clicking and menu exploration. You should be able to add events quickly and accurately, see what’s coming up, and arrange your schedule without having to hit up the help docs. Resource ManagementAll the essential resources can be added to the calendar so that the user can allocate and streamline them later to the required booking slots.

How to Build a Calendar App: Tips to Reach Success

Eliminate the back and forth hassle of trying to schedule meetings, especially when multiple people are involved. With Calendar, you can tag two or 200 people on your team, and it will coordinate everyone’s calendars to only show meeting times that work for everyone. Moreover, if you’re a solopreneur, a calendar can help keep your workload manageable, as well as regularly meet with clients.

They show users the dates when they can book flights or hotels. There are calendar apps built into many tourism and hospitality platforms. They can add times, businesses, and reminders for the most critical events and keep everyone in the family or group in the loop. Healthcare is another field that has thought about using in-app calendars for different reasons. You can make an appointment with a doctor using the app’s calendar. You can also set up a training session for a particular day and track your physical activities to get the correct statistics.

To make it comfortable and useful, educational platforms integrate calendars. There are a bunch of different ways to use the in-app calendar . Also, apps can send users notifications informing about the beginning of the course, scheduled event, and more. In this solution, users can set reminders and schedule recurring events easily. Whether you want to keep your whole family up-to-speed, coordinate with friends, or keep track of colleagues’ plans, a shared calendar app can come in handy. When you need to schedule a meeting, Calendar looks at your connected calendars to find open time slots.

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All these calendar apps have free versions—or at least free trials of their best features—so give a few of them a whirl and see which suits you best. If you just use Apple devices, Calendar is a great app to try first. You can even share and sync calendars with your Apple-device-using team members or significant others.

create a calendar app

To test for the best calendar apps we first set up an account with the relevant software platform, whether as a download or as an online service. We then tested the service to see how the software could be used for different purposes and in different situations, such as keeping a diary and scheduling conferences. The aim was create a calendar app to push each software platform to see how useful its basic tools were and also how easy it was to get to grips with any more advanced tools. To gain more users, you need to provide some interesting features. For example, to make the app more personalized and user-friendly, you can offer users a customizable calendar app.

The Assault on Productivity: Neglect of Your Calendar

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Google Workspace users have access to a number of work-related features, including many specifically meant for remote or hybrid teams. There’s now a work location tool and the ability to split your work hours, both of which recognize the changing nature of work. And you can create appointment slots to mimic a meeting scheduler tool. If you’re looking for one calendar to coordinate a professional team, Google Calendar really should be it.

Founded in 2011, we’ve been providing full-cycle mobile and web development services to clients from various industries. To show or hide that calendar’s events, click the calendar’s name. YouTube TV costs $65 a month and includes CBS, TBS, TNT and TruTV. Plug in your ZIP code on itswelcome pageto see which local networks are available in your area.Read our YouTube TV review.

Make the most of your weekends.

Microsoft also keeps all of these apps updated regularly and all versions share the same features so you’ll be right at home regardless of which platform you’re using. If you work as a part-time professional with limited office hours to book meetings in a day, an online calendar is ideal for you. Take particular timings of a day and share them with others through a private calendar link. This is how others can click on the link to attend a meeting with you. Calendar apps are used to boost productivity and Time Block is one prime example of this. Schedule your timings to work on essential projects as they enable you to complete them in these blocks.

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